Wellness & Beyond

Wellness and Beyond

A Unique and Proven Science-Based Functional Philosophy to Make a Dramatic Impact on Fitness, Health, Wellness and Life

Industry experts maintain that wellness cannot be addressed in physical terms (e.g., nutrition, fitness, stress, reduction). Wellness must include the psychological, emotional and spiritual issues of a human being.

Many people lead unhealthy lifestyles, but they are unable to change them. Unhealthy attitudes are widespread throughout the entire society and the present emphasis on quick results and easy fixes fails to resolve the fundamental issues leading to despair and self-destructive behaviors.

John Travis, MD, MPH and Meryn G. Callander suggest to draw an analogy between an iceberg and the human body. The icebergs have about one-tenth of their mass above the water and the remaining nine-tenth remain submerged.

Your existing health condition is the tip of an iceberg. If you don’t like it you can patch it or chip some away, more of the same comes up to take its place.

To find a root cause or causes of health problems you have to look under the surface. Many people – be it a daily life or exercise – move their body unconsciously without a proper awareness how is the body designed to function and it can do more harm than good to the body.

The starting point to overcome this problem is the study of the basic concepts of human functional anatomy. You have to learn and gain a better understanding how the muscles and joints under the “skin” are supposed to move.

If you exercise regularly and you are working out the isolated body parts such as chest, arms or legs without paying attention to proper functional movement you will be increasing the risk to impair your mobility with age and getting injured outside the gym.

If you cannot change your bad habits your problem might be beyond the lack of discipline and setting up a plan of action. You need to look into the underlying lifestyle/psychological aspects of your body and mind to determine what prevents you to practice the good habits.

The crucial importance of the mind and body connection is emphasized by a wide range of experts and their suggestions vary a simple series of steps to recharge your life to elaborate and complex psychoanalysis of all aspects related to psychological, emotional and spiritual issues of the human body.

If you attempted to use these recommendations and they produced little or no progress you are not alone. You might have a distinct feeling that some piece or pieces of this puzzle are missing.

Body and Mind Connection

The problem is that a healthy body and mind connection cannot be achieved by an analysis of only psychological, emotional and spiritual issues. Have you ever thought in order to establish a body and mind connection you need to learn how is the body built to work? If you wish to repair it a car you need to know how the car parts work under the hood.

Let’s take a look at the body and mind connection related to the musculoskeletal pain disorders. As I discussed earlier, 30% of Americans live in chronic pain day to day and conventional medicine is failing to provide relief. Adapting a lifestyle to pain and disease puts your nervous system in a deeper state of quiet desperation and makes you less capable to take action dealing with this problem.

Human movement is carried out by an integrated effort of three main systems, within the human body, nervous system, skeletal system and muscular system. If one system and its components are not functioning properly it will compromise the operation of the other systems.

You don’t need to be a doctor to understand that when you experience pain you, the muscles and joints are not functioning properly. If you don’t attempt to relief pain or your efforts are unsuccessful it will put undue stress on your nervous system.

If the problem remains unresolved it will contribute to despair and anxiety, and add more deep-seated quiet desperation to your state of mind. In addition, your unhealthy mindset will make you less capable to handle your issues effectively.

If you undertake an effort to study how the human body is designed to function it will enable you to move your body consciously and develop a functional body and mind connection. In turn, a conscious and efficient functional movement will take stress off the nervous system and provide a boost to your confidence for living your life consciously as well.